How to make the most of unchallenging projects

There comes a time in every designer’s life when they have to muddle through a boring project. One that promises no novelty, is predictable in terms of process and outcome and, at least at first sight, seems to offer little creative opportunities.

E-learning as a marketing tool

Free webinars, instructional videos, e-books, articles: these have been finding their way to the toolbox of digital marketers across various industries for some time now.

How to engage adult learners

Creating learning experiences for adults can be tricky, but also very gratifying. For me, the key to figuring out this process has always been to ask myself what kind of experience would I, as an adult learner, find meaningful and enjoyable.

An e-learning designer’s toolbox

A craftsman is only as good as the contents of his toolbox, so as much as I like Storyline for the versatile software that it is, I think any e-learning designer who considers themselves above the beginner level, must diversify with a few additional tools.