ELA E-learning Platform (content in Bulgarian)

The e-learning platform of Association for Shared Learning ELA is a project that I worked on as the main person in charge of coordinating the process of choosing a platform, recruiting a subcontrator, approving the concept, design and customization of an e-learning website. I’ve developed all the courses within the platform in collaboration with Subject Matter Experts, as well as a cameraman/editor for shooting and producing the instructional videos. The main objective of this project was to create a learning portal, where professionals in primary and secondary education can further develop their knowledge and skills, which they can then use to create an inclusive environment at their schools.

“You provide valuable insight on how teachers can create a safe and inclusive environment, in a way that is entertaining and doesn’t overwhelm.” – Snezhana Yakimova, Head teacher at Primary School “Hadzhi Gencho”, Teteven