Alexandra is a skilled instructional designer who efficiently handles complex projects. At ARC Online, an online educational platform part of ARC Academy, she has played an important role in training our instructors and organizing meetings to develop academic plans. Alex provides clear guidelines for conducting online courses and offers valuable advice for preparing novice lecturers in the gaming and creative industries.

Mihaela Benova, Head of Online Programs, ARC Academy

Alexandra is a creative instructional designer who can easily handle the messiest of projects. She works well with subject matter experts to turn information into dynamic learning materials. When we were faced with a catalog full of Flash built programs, Alex took on the challenge to rebuild courses which saved the content without using any budget. On top of being a true professional, she is a fabulous person to work with and real asset to any team. 

Lisa Collins, ex-Director Global Learning & Development Services, HCL Technologies

Alex has come up to speed very quickly since joining Nuvolo in terms of work processes and tools, working with Curriculum Team members and project team members, and especially regarding how quickly she learned Nuvolo solutions and technology! She has demonstrated superior instructional design skills and quick and creative thinking. Alex will be transitioning to a contract role with Nuvolo. I’m disappointed that she will not remain with the team as a formal employee…but I feel fortunate that she will continue to work with us as a contractor.

Buddy Keane, Manager Curriculum Team, Nuvolo