How to Create a Timeline

Timelines are a great way to introduce a prominent figure, a historical event, or a natural process.

Like many similar learning tools and approaches, a timeline appears simple, but it’s not as easy to create one that is memorable and effective, as it may seem. It takes more than placing years on a line – a good timeline tells a story.  

How to be your own QA

Performing QA on your own work is one of those tasks that are impossible to master, but also impossible to skip. Sounds like a recipe for frustration? It doesn’t have to be.

How to make the most of unchallenging projects

There comes a time in every designer’s life when they have to muddle through a boring project. One that promises no novelty, is predictable in terms of process and outcome and, at least at first sight, seems to offer little creative opportunities.

E-learning as a marketing tool

Free webinars, instructional videos, e-books, articles: these have been finding their way to the toolbox of digital marketers across various industries for some time now.