Agile Values and Principles

Type of project: Trial task for a client.

Project brief: As part of the selection process, one of my clients – Knowledge Group, asked me to design and develop three learning components on the topic of Agile Values and Principles. The source text was provided by the client and they are the author.

Audience: University students

Instructional design approach: The first learning component is a brief introduction of the key agile values and principles that are part of the agile manifesto.

This is followed by an interactive video, outlining the four agile values. To enhance knowledge retention, users are prompted to answer a short question after each value is presented. I chose this approach, since this part of the content was more brief, but also information intensive.

The third component is a presentation of the twelve agile principles. It contains short descriptive texts and a suitable image to accompany each one. This approach allows users to easily acquaint themselves with the content and quickly access and browse through it when they need to refer to the twelve principles.

My role: Instructional Designer and E-learning Developer.

Tools: The project is developed with h5p, the video is created with Camtasia and the audio is created using AI text-to-speech app wellsaidlabs. Stock videos and photos are courtesy of

Agile Values and Principles in the Agile Manifesto

Agile Values

Agile Principles

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