ELA E-learning Platform (content in Bulgarian)

The e-learning platform of Association for Shared Learning ELA is a project on which I was in charge of choosing an LMS and then managing the process of its customization, merging and migration of old content and user data from two disparate legacy platforms into a new one.

I’ve developed all the courses within the platform in collaboration with Subject Matter Experts and a videographer.

The main objective of this project was to create a learning portal for professionals in primary and secondary education to further develop their knowledge and skills and enable them to create an inclusive environment in their schools. A secondary objective was to optimize the client’s resources and processes by consolidating their old e-learning sites into one open-source platform that cost less and was a better fit for their needs.

“You provide valuable insight on how teachers can create a safe and inclusive environment, in a way that is engaging and doesn’t overwhelm the learner.” – Snezhana Yakimova, Head teacher at Primary School “Hadzhi Gencho”, Teteven

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