How to Choose an E-learning Tool

Type of project: Personal project 

Project goal: For this project, I used a website for project brief generation, called as a source of inspiration. Below is the full brief.

Audience: Fellow instructional design newbies

Brief: You need to create an elearning module for the fellow instructional designers in your class. One thing that you all are interested in and excited about is making elearning, but there are several concerns among students about which product to choose, costs, job relevance and more.

Design an interactive conversation that will help your classmates choose an elearning tool. The choice system should take price, computer system, and technical ability into account.

Deliverables: Interactive Conversation/or mockup and script, branch out at certain points (2-3), e.g. Do you have clients already, select send arrow to trigger response.

My role: SME, Instructional designer, and E-learning Developer.

Tools: The project is developed using Articulate Storyline 360 with images edited in Adobe Illustrator.

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